THE FORMED SPACE is a result of student workshop. During the workshop,participants were familiarized with bending- active structure- a type of construction in which the form is obtained due to elastic deformations of bent elements, which in the basic configuration are flat and straight
| model
Determing the course of bending boards was made in a double- track fashion. Firstly, the shape of each element is a elastically deformed element, which final shape is determined by its length and boundry conditions. Secondly, intersections between boards are tangent to the underlaying surface, which was obtained using geodesicurves
| plan
| groundwork
| front view
| top view
| assembly process
The executive design only showed the dimensions of the boards in a flat configurations and the way they were fixed at the base. Each board consist of two layers o 4 mm plywood, connected with eachother by flat metal bars and wood screws. The bottom layer of boards were equipped with dilatations because it is a compressed layer
| result
The project was created by thirteen participants and led by
 tutors: Monika Kalinowska, Michał Święciak

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